WorkGoal Solutions Pty Ltd, is an injury management technology company focused entirely on building technology-focused solutions for people with injuries, mental health and disability returning to work.

Celebrating a recent partnership with Microsoft, WorkGoal Solutions has begun work with multiple State-level Representatives, Worker's Compensation Agents, and Life Insurers to commence the use of their pioneer and world-first product, “WorkGoal Manager” with resoundingly positive feedback. Identifying a strong gap in the field of Injury Management, WorkGoal Solutions brings a refreshing approach to the process for injured and ill people by empowering them to track and set goals towards their own recovery while increasing collaboration with their return to work team by using technology.

The lack of technology in the rehabilitation and return to work industry has led to several issues in the industry ranging from frustrated consumers through to extreme expense for compensable bodies in injury management; resolvable by the introduction of technology. The proprietary technology and approach will provide a seamless navigation of an injured or ill person's recovery, simplify injury management, claims management and rehabilitation.

In turn, it will lead to significant cost-saving by centring the injured person in the recovery process and increasing the flow of communication and health recovery-data. Using predictive technology, WorkGoal Solutions will possess capabilities with understanding potential future barriers prior to occurrence by leveraging off of past user's recovery history, bringing together previously unobtainable recovery data to benefit broader society.

Using this approach, future injured people will be provided with quicker, more effective services with a goal of faster recovery times. Using Azure with Defence Signal Directorate certification, WorkGoal Solutions operates on the highest grade security in the country ensuring that any data collected is within the guidelines of the Privacy Act 1988.

WorkGoal Manager app can be used by individuals on any smartphone or tablet, along with a web-based portal for data collection and analysis for Case Managers, Providers, and Health Professionals. This promotes effective collaboration between all stakeholders in the return to work process. All evidence shows that an empowered and in-control individual recovers at a greater rate resulting in far reduced premiums. The product promotes Work Goals, Recovery and Activity Goals, greater efficiency with document sharing and administrative management, ease of use for provider searches, and a focus on proactive case management.

Scott Kay
Managing Director

Highly experienced national manager of Rehabilitation and Return to Work Providers including exposure to every legislation across Injury Management in the country.

Dr Boris Fedoric

Highly regarded business owner specialising in RTWSA return to work services with a background in running a national Rehabilitation Provider.

Boris Kotevski

IT Solutions business owner and technical specialist across global companies focusing on both software and networking capabilities.

Dean Mathieson

Technologist, Entrepreneur and Business Owner specialising in creating solutions to increase efficiency across businesses using technology.



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