Microsoft Azure – New Regions in Australia

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WorkGoal Solutions are excited to be partnered with Microsoft using Microsoft for both our development and deployment in Azure cloud

We are excited to announce that our new Azure regions in Canberra are now available. These new regions are designed to serve the needs of Australian and New Zealand Government, critical national infrastructure commercial organisations and their trusted suppliers. We have entered into a strategic partnership with Canberra Data Centres to deliver these new regions, unlocking the potential for digital transformation and innovation.

Additionally, the Australian Signals Directorate has upgraded the certification of 25 Azure and 10 Office 365 services to Protected status, making us the first global cloud provider to achieve this certification level in Australia. Our new regions also offer 100% ANZ supply chain assurance, high availability and disaster resilience, and the specialised connectivity and colocation characteristics necessary to support the mission-critical data requirements of our customers.

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